Our Approach & Therapy

Nature's Communication Center serves clients utilizing a holistic integrated approach. This approach provides our clients with a higher level of generalization of acquired skills which decreases the overall necessary time in therapy. The service consist of specific components within a minimum of two treatment hours per week or six total hours per month. To start therapy today with Nature's Communication Center and for a consultation click here.


Holistic Therapy

Addressing a client as multi-faceted; detailing the physiological speech and language components, developmental/acquired speech and language acquisition, counseling emphasis for client and families focusing on feelings, attitudes, behaviors related, engulfed within a variety of functional environments, that targets communication partner training (i.e. an person who has a signification role in the client's life.)


Integrated Approach

Utilizing emerging, progressing, and acquired skills within a large variety of functional environments, such as; clinical office, integrated speech facility (i.e. art room, kitchen, sensory room), home, school, work, organized/structured group therapies, social/spontaneous group activities, extra-curricular activities, etc.


Intensive Strcture

Research has shown that when the frequency is increased, skill acquisition and generalization increases, which decreases regression and client and partners communication frustration. Nature's Communication Center will require a commitment of 6 hours of therapy a month to allot for the holistic integrated approach to be successful.

“Nature’s Communication Center’s therapists exercise the perfect balance between teaching and administrating modern therapy techniques.”
— Kristin Perkins, Owner of Nature's Communication Center

Individual therapy sessions

Everyone must start somewhere. Individual sessions areone on one in a controlled environment. As you grow in your skills your one on one environments may change to our art room, kitchen, sensory motor room, OR your home, work/school or extracurricular environments. We recognize that you may have had individual sessions prior; but we guarantee it was not based on our model.


Group therapy sessions

Group is designed to push you a step further towards your success in your therapy program. In a group setting you will be utilizing your acquired skills from your individual sessions and putting them to use in a structured peer session.


Social therapy sessions

This unstructured group or social therapy session is designed to practice your mastered skills in an independent format with minimal support from your therapists or communication partners. Familiar and non-familiar peers will be used to push you to your limits. A huge confidence growth will take place here when you are ready.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Always wanted to be a part of something fun? Need a way to try out your communication skills? Join us for extra activities! Every month you will see an updated calendar, buy your activity card and come to as many activities as you want! Activities to choose from range from art classes, basketball, singing group, movie club, book club, signing time, and cooking club, just to name a few. These activities are for all ages but age-targeted so double check your times.


Complementary workshops

We hold discussions, educational seminars, and support groups for parents, adults, and adult communication partners. Check out the calendar or sign up now - space is limited! We serve treats and beverages.


Online Teletherapy

We know life can be hectic! Let us help take some stress off your schedule and still get the quality therapy services you need in the convenience of your own home. With this technology, we are able to have interactive, face to face sessions as if you were right in our office. These sessions are offered at your convenience during the week and on the weekends! You may combined these sessions with office visits as well.